My GSoC 2021 Experience So far

In one word AMAZING, this program is far better than my expectations. it’s like learning something new every day. Everything began on 17 May 2021 when the result of the Google Summer of Code was declared. I got selected for it. I was on cloud nine the entire day. All the hard work that I did finally paid off. From here onwards community bonding time started.

GSoC 2021 Experience

Community Bonding GSOC

On the next day, I received a mail from fellow GSoC’ers, which contained a link to join the discord group and WhatsApp group. With this community Bonding time started. My organization also arranged a Google Meet for all the fellow participants and mentors. In my organization, we all introduced ourselves in a mail thread and later had a discourse discussion as well. It is good to interact with students from all around the globe, you get to know the similarities and differences between cultures and how they perceive technology.

Talking about that mail I received. Things start to pick up in that WhatsApp group, almost all the GSoC’res were connected in that group and the details were verified. And as you know when you put all these hyperactive and intelligent students in one group things start to explode. Just kidding, that group is one of the best things that happened in the community bonding period.

People used to share useful information regarding internships, jobs, research work, and more. Everyone was participating in those conversations, and I also made some good friends too. Apart from these some students also face problems regarding payment account setup all these problems were also sorted in this group and that’s what community bonding feels like.

Coding Time

Coding time begins on June 7, 2021. Everyone started working on their GSoC projects, less talk code more culture grew in the past couple of days. I started working on my project, so things are going nice faces some issues earlier but now they are sorted. Made some PR’s regarding new change requests and package updates. let’s see how things go from here. Till then stay tuned I might post some more articles regarding GSoC.