GitHub Copilot The new copy-paste

A few days ago GitHub and its parent company Microsoft presented GitHub Copilot, an AI tool powered by OpenAI Codex that functions as a pair programmer, helping human developers write code. Manipulation of this statement began and the Twitter war started on how this will end up eating real jobs. On paper, everything seems to happen, but only the real-world application will decide its domination in the market.

Introducing GitHub Copilot: your AI pair programmer
GitHub Copilot

From where did all this begin

All this began last year when Microsoft acquired the AI-driven GPT-3 model from OpenAI. When OpenAI released GPT-3 last year, people got surprised by its ability to generate code from natural language prompts. Microsoft saw a very promising commercial product in GPT-3’s coding abilities, as they already acquired GitHub 2 years back. From here onwards, Microsoft started training GPT-3 on Github codebase when then they came up with the new product that is Github Copilot.

What is GitHub Copilot?

GitHub Copilot is an AI tool currently in a technical review that can make recommendations to programmers when they write code. Copilot is based on OpenAI Codex, an AI system trained on a dataset made up of a sizable chunk of public source code. Copilot is comfortable with multiple languages including rudy, C#, Perl, and more.

Working behind Copilot is a deep learning model called Codex, which is basically a special version of GPT-3 finetuned for programming tasks. The big brain of Copilot is an AI that will read your input text and try to predict the next few lines of code.

How does Copilot Work ?

Not much information is provided by GitHub on this particular topic as they want to keep the technology as secret as possible. This AI tool is a code synthesizer and not a search engine. Meaning, a vast majority of the code it suggests is unique and has not been used before. However, code duplication can’t be entirely ruled out.

How to use Github Copilot?

Well, it’s pretty easy for the time being it is still in the development phase that means only a selected group of developers have access to it. When it is globally released, you just have to install it as a vs code plugin and that’s it you are done with it. Now try to write some function definition and you will start seeing some suggested code press tab to compete for the code snippet.

github copilot code generation
Github Copilot Working

Does this mean end of the world?

No, absolutely not. Just relax this is only an AI tool to help you copy the stack overflow code nothing more than that. Copilot’s creators acknowledge that their AI system is in no way a perfect programming companion. They have used the term pair programming to give the most meaningful answer to your question.