Best Windows 11 Features for Developers

Yes, Windows 11 is officially here, after the leaked iso file. Microsoft has officially launched Windows 11 in its June 24 event. Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 to the general public by the holidays, so we can probably expect it sometime around late November. Everything is new in from its appearance as well working. For the time being, let’s focus on all the new features for developers and coders.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows 10 only supported a simple Linux terminal without any GUI, The biggest addition is support for GUI apps. Yes, you can run Linux apps in Windows now, and not just by using a command-line interface. Earlier it used to really difficult for the developers to use Linux commands on a windows machine. WSL is one of the things that every developer likes.

Setting up and using startup commands in WSL
Image credit: Microsoft

In addition to this file manager for Linux has also been improved. When you install WSL-II, you’ll now see a Linux section in the File Explorer so you can manage your Linux files. Additionally, you can now mount physical disks directly in Linux, so if you want to use a Linux file system that Windows doesn’t support, you can now do that.

New command-line tools

Microsoft is adding a couple of new command-line features to Windows 11. One is the ability to reset UWP apps if you prefer over using the Settings app. You can run the following command, using the package name of the app you want to reset:

Get-AppxPackage *calculator* | Reset-AppxPackage

There’s also a new DiskUsage tool that lets you see how your disk space is being used on your drive. You can run the tool in a specific directory to find large files in that folder, for you can you disk usage in the bottom left.

Microsoft unveils Windows Terminal, a new command line app for Windows -  The Verge

New Task Manager in Windows 11

Task manager is somethins that is open is very delopers winows specillay when you are virtual macihne aor containers. Now task mager provides lot more data in terms of disk managermt and cpu usage.

New Architecture label in Task Manager

Additionally, Windows 11 will add an Eco mode feature to Task manager. If you notice an app using too many resources on your PC, you can toggle Eco mode to throttle that usage. Finally, if you use the Edge browser, Microsoft is testing a more detailed view where each Edge process is clearly identified. That means you’ll be able to see specific services, extensions, and tabs to help you understand what’s using resources. Both of these features are only available to a subset of Insiders though, so even if you get a preview build, you might not have them yet.

Support for Android Apps on Windows 11

Android apps will run natively on Windows 11 and will be downloadable from Amazon’s Appstore, via the new Windows Store that’s included in the operating system. Microsoft has also renewed its focus on apps with the new application store. The new OS also brings better compatibility with widgets. The OS also gets system-wide dark and light modes.

Support for Android Apps on Windows 11
Supported Android Apps

The new app store on Windows 11 will also support Android Apps through Amazon App Store. Users will be able to use the apps in a smartphone format similar to picture-in-picture mode with a new feature called snap layouts. The new feature will allow the OS to remember the shapes that the app was set in the last time it was used.

New Layouts in Windows 11

On the new winsows 11 users will have a feature to split screen into multipe tabs for thier use and productiviy. The first interesting multitasking feature is Snap Layouts. This is a new feature that lets users pick the layout of their windows, apps, and projects based on their screen size. With a few clicks, the layout can be changed to display several apps or projects at once and let users work on them simultaneously with just one screen.

New Layouts for Windows 11
New Layouts for Windows 11


Those were some really cool features to use a developer and believe me there will be more changes to them in the future. Microsoft is trying to push its limits by making some more developer-friendly features to its operating system.