Best Useful GitHub Browser Extensions

GitHub is the platform that every developer use, GitHub also has ton lot of feature to use but not all are visible to a general audience. In this article I have listed some of the best GitHub extensions to use, there are many in the market and I have selected some of the most useful extensions out of them.

1. GitHub Isometric Contributions

It allows you to toggle between the normal GitHub contribution chart and an isometric pixel art version. It also gives you a nice visual representation of your progress over the years.

2D Chart

normal chart for GitHub contribution

3D Chart

3D chart for GitHub contribution

2. Refined GitHub

This extension has a lot of features like : It most help you clean out the code and the changes made by other users.

  • Making whitespace characters visiblewhite space
  • Adding one-click merge conflict fixersone-click merge conflict
  • Adding reaction avatars showing who reacted to a commentreaction avatars
  • Letting you hide every event except comments or unresolved comments in issues and PRshide every event
  • Linking issue/PR references and URLs in code and conversation titlesLinkifing issue/PR references and URLs
  • Adding the option to wait for checks when merging a PR
  • Adding a button to revert all the changes to a file in a PR.

3. File Icons for GitHub and GitLab

It gives you different file icons in GitHub or GitLab. It gives a nice visual touch to your repository.

File Icons screenshot for Github extension

4. GitHub Code Folding

It enables code folding in GitHub. Wrap up your code with in three dots, it helps user to understand the code in better manner.

Code Folding extension screenshot

5. Enhanced GitHub

  • It displays :
    • The whole repository size and each file size.
    • Download link of the repository.
Enhanced GitHub screenshot0
  • You can copy file content directly to the clipboard.
Enhanced GitHub screenshot1

Wrapping up

These are some of the best GitHub plugins for good developers. So that’s it for now I have listed all the useful GitHub extensions that I know. There are a lot of other extensions you can use to enhance your experience. If you want to explore other awesome GitHub extensions, you can check this link.